16 Sep

Addressing the Connection

Addressing the Connection: pLookup.com helps real estate agents pair clients with their ideal homes using data science.

Location, location, location. They’ve long been the three rules of real estate that have guided which houses are searched, shown, and purchased by new movers every day. Real estate agents are the matchmakers that facilitate these big ticket purchases and with limited time and resources they are celebrating the arrival of pLookup.com, a new tool capable of utilizing 100-year-old psychological research that can pair homebuyers with their dream dwellings.

Lisa, a New Jersey real estate broker values the actionable intelligence she’s able to access by using pLookup.com. “My clients typically present me with a wish list, and I’m more than happy to show them properties that match their requests, but I always make a point of showing them several properties that correlate to their personality profile and oftentimes they are pleasantly surprised.” She continues, “Extroverts like to entertain. Prominently positioned homes with large open concept floor plans, particularly those tied to a kitchen play very well to an extrovert’s desire to facilitate communication and socialization in their home. Conversely, introverts enjoy homes that are more private and floor plans that are more compartmentalized.”

pLookup.com creator Yen Lee explains, “Our approach is unique, but simple. The pLookup.com team of data scientists have utilized a mastery of personality psychology and applied it to millions of data points to create unique sales and marketing profiles that can be utilized by not only real estate agents, but also sales professionals in a variety of fields. Because there are no interviews or questionnaires, clients don’t see any of the work, they merely experience the benefits of working with a sales professional who understands them.

Know your customers and clients better than ever before and learn the best ways to communicate with them all without interviews, surveys or questionnaires. Find out more at pLookup.com.

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