15 Sep

Are You Dating the Same Person Over and Over?

Are You Dating the Same Person Over and Over? The data experts at pLookup.com can help you finally break the cycle.

Ask anyone that’s been on the dating scene for years and still hasn’t found the one. Many will tell you that they have a ‘type.’ Some types are easily identifiable, for example: lawyers, drummers, waitresses, tall people, rich people, even married people. Some types are not as obvious because they’re not easily defined. Some looking for love may date others who encompass a variety of appearances, careers, socio-economic positions, shapes, and sizes but beneath the surface they share a common thread: personality type.

Previously, distinguishing one personality type from the next was a matter of instinct, now it’s a matter of science. Groundbreaking website pLookup.com allows you to look up the personality type and love profile of almost anyone in the United States, so why not start with your exes?

“People are creatures of habit,” says data scientist and personality expert Yen Lee. “It’s easy to continue dating individuals with the same personality type for years and years simply because it’s comfortable and it’s what you know. Sometimes when you’re in the cycle of dating one personality type, a new relationship can seem promising because you’re dating a new person, but you haven’t escaped the personality.” Yen Lee continued, “By profiling your past relationships you can identify a personality-driven dating cycle, and avoid it in the future.”

After a string of failed relationships, Kelly, a thirty-four-year-old Human Resources manager was introduced to pLookup.com by her co-workers. “They went ahead and gathered profiles on my last three boyfriends. Seeing that all of them were classified as extrovert individuals who are assertive, outspoken, and challenging was pretty compelling evidence that I was dating the same person over and over, but I’m not anymore.”

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results why date the same personality type over and over again and expect a happy ending? Stop dating the wrong people right now. Visit pLookup.com today to learn more about the personality types of your past partners, your current crush, or your future love.

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