15 Sep

Flowers, Candy, and Data

Flowers, Candy, and Data: pLookup.com has your Valentine’s Day checklist.

Whether you’ve just started dating someone or you’re in a relationship that’s at a crossroads, Valentine’s Day is a make or break holiday for couples. Each detail of a Valentine’s Day date is scrutinized. Is this restaurant expensive enough? Is one dozen roses enough? Was my card thoughtful enough? All concerns ultimately add up to one question: Is he or she the one? Rather than tallying superficial requirements of a holiday built for lovers (and candy sales), data scientists suggest digging a little deeper.

Standing on the shoulders of psychological giants such as Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow, and Isabel Briggs Myers, data scientists at pLookup.com have perfected the art of personality profiling without questionnaires, tests, or surveys. Using complex algorithms and responsibly sourced data, you can look up anyone’s love personality, how best to pursue a relationship with them, even what they’re like behind closed doors.

“In this day and age, everyone researches their dates online,” says pLookup.com founder. “You Google someone to learn more about them, identify common interests, and perhaps most importantly to ensure that they’re not a criminal!” saying with a smile. “Using Google you can learn what a person has done. Using pLookup.com, you can learn who a person is. Knowing how to engage a potential partner or gaining a deeper understanding of your loved one can be invaluable information on Valentine’s Day and beyond.”

Learn more about yourself, your friends, co-workers, customers, potential love interests and family right now by visiting pLookup.com

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