24 Nov

How to Top Santa This Holiday Season

How to Top Santa This Holiday Season: Using an intelligence algorithm, pLookup.com can solve all your holiday shopping woes.

With thousands, perhaps even millions of elves working at the North Pole (a region where minimum wage doesn’t even exist), Santa’s got it pretty easy. With that level of staffing, it’s no wonder that the man only works one day a year. The rest of us have it a bit harder. We are expected to decorate, cook, dress up, cheer up, rock around a Christmas Tree, Menorah, or Festivus Pole, not to mention select and wrap the perfect gift for everyone in our lives. Regardless of the person you’re shopping for, the struggle of trying to find the perfect gift has officially come to an end. All hail personality profiling!

The team of data scientists at pLookup.com have made it unbelievably easy to discover the personality type of everyone on your list from your extroverted mother-in-law to your introverted dog walker. On pLookup.com’s easy to use user interface, simply enter your subject’s first name and last name. Then the location and age to filter results if needed. On the back end, a complex intelligence algorithm instantly presents you with a description of your subject’s personality type. Once you know someone’s personality type, buying them a thoughtful gift that they will truly enjoy is easy. Now let the shopping begin…

Extroverts adore seeing others as well as being seen. Gifts that enhance an extrovert’s ability to host friends in their home are always a home run. Think lively board games, bar accessories, serving sets like cheese plates and knives, Bluetooth speakers, coasters, or a welcome mat. And because extroverts also like to be out and about, experiences make great gifts as well. You can never go wrong with dinner at a new restaurant or concert tickets.

Ambiverts, those who exhibit both introverted and extroverted characteristics, enjoy a wide variety of gifts. Because their tastes exist on such a wide spectrum, offering them choices satisfies them on every level. If you’re adverse to purchasing a gift card, check the ambivert’s social media posts. Their latest Facebook post or Instagram story will provide some clues as to what they’re currently into.

Last but not least, shopping for Introverts. As we know, introverts recharge their batteries when they are alone. Picturing the introvert relaxing alone can sometimes lead you to the perfect gift. Would they like a plush blanket to keep them warm? How about a journal for personal reflection? Candles, bath accessories, and pajamas all lend themselves to the type of restorative alone time that introverts desire as well.

Get to know everyone on your holiday shopping list better with pLookup.com.

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