15 Sep

If Carl Jung Had a Website

If Carl Jung Had a Website: pLookup.com takes personality typing into the digital age.

If historical figures had had websites, what would they have looked like? Would Wolfgang Mozart have created the first Spotify? Would Pablo Picasso have spearheaded the creation of Pinterest? Probably and hopefully not on both accounts. However, if Carl Jung had a website, it may have looked an awful lot like pLookup.com.

A pioneer in personality typing, Carl Jung believed that people could be broken into two groups: extroverts and introverts. According to Jung, “Each person seems to be energized more by either the external world (extraversion) or the internal world (introversion).” Since Jung’s contributions to the study of personality psychology, the field has been expanded upon by numerous scholars perhaps most notably Isabel Briggs Myers, author and co-creator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  Briggs Myers’ survey, constructed after twenty years of research by thousands of academics and participants was put into use in 1975 and is currently taken by over two million individuals per year. Considered the go-to psychology tool for determining personality types, the MBTI only has one weakness: In order to assess one’s personality, the survey must be taken.

Using an intelligence algorithm that predicts the personality type of virtually every adult in the United States instantly, pLookup.com has revolutionized personality profiling for the digital age. According to pLookup.com creator Yen Lee, “Our results mirror those of the clinical or MBTI, but we do not require that subjects take a survey.”  Because access to profiles is so readily available, the popularity of pLookup.com has taken off quickly. Primarily utilized by those looking for romance and professionals in the sales and marketing arena, pLookup.com has expanded its user base to include pop culture enthusiasts, the politically minded, professional recruiters and sports fans.

For more information about personality profiling or to access the personality profile of anyone in the United States right now visit pLookup.com.

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