15 Sep

State of Mind or Minds of the State?

State of Mind or Minds of the State? – pLookup.com looks at the uncanny correlation between who you are and where you live

Southern charm. New York values. LA swagger. Midwestern sensibilities.  What does where you live have to do with your personality?  According to statistics gathered by data scientists at pLookup.com, a site where intelligence algorithms allow you to lookup an individual’s personality type instantly, birds of a feather do indeed flock together.

Extroverts, outward thinking, outspoken individuals, representing 40.61% of the entire US population are found in higher concentrations along the east and west coasts.  Seemingly, more densely populated areas such as California and Washington, D.C., which offer a greater selection of fast-paced career opportunities and ocean views, are luring outspoken and ambitious characters to coastlines of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Introverts, inward-thinking individuals who tend to be shy, accounting for 36.16% of the US population can be found in more rural areas of the country predominantly in northern and central regions.  Smaller populations, shorter commute times, and lower rates of unemployment in states like Montana and Utah make these laid-back individuals feel at ease and right at home.

Last but certainly not least, the Ambiverts.  Part-time introverts and part-time extroverts representing 23.23% of the US population, these flexible individuals tend to reside in central and southern regions.  With down-to-earth yet still larger than life personalities, Ambiverts residing in states such as Texas and Oklahoma can enjoy a quiet evening at home or a night on the town.

Are you a proper fit for your state?  Check out the maps embedded in this release to find out!

There’s no way of knowing what came first your attitude or latitude.  Do we migrate to where we feel a good fit or do the regions we find ourselves in shape us?  One thing’s for sure, using statistical analysis is a great way to choose your next destination.  Whether you’re looking to co-mingle with more outspoken folks, Netflix and chill at home, or somewhere in-between, there’s a place for you in the good ol‘ U.S. of A.

Want to learn more about yourself, your friends, co-workers, customers, or potential love interests?  Visit pLookup.com to learn more about anyone anywhere in the United States.

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