15 Sep

What Does It Take to Rule?

What Does It Take to Rule? pLookup.com profiled the top 15 past and current tech CEOs to find out. 

We know that Mark Zuckerberg is partial to wearing the same t-shirt every day and that Elon Musk’s plans for the human race are literally out of this world, but what else do we know about these high-achieving tech CEOs?  Until now, the perceived personalities of these visionaries have been based on hearsay and assumptions.  Using an intelligence algorithm, the statistical data scientists at pLookup.com have assigned accurate and descriptive personality profiles to each of the top 15 past and current tech CEOs and the results are astonishing.  

Top 15 Past and Current Tech CEOs & Their Personalities

Name Company Personality
Bill Gates Microsoft Ambivert
Steve Ballmer Microsoft Ambivert
Satya Nadella Microsoft Ambivert
Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Ambivert
Jeff Bezos Amazon Ambivert
Larry Ellison Oracle Ambivert
Larry Page Alphabet Ambivert
Eric Schmidt Google Ambivert
Marc Benioff Salesforce Ambivert
Virginia “Ginni” Rometty IBM Ambivert
Michael Dell Dell Ambivert
Brian Krzanich Intel Ambivert
Tim Cook Apple Ambivert
Elon Musk Tesla Ambivert
Meg Whitman HP Ambivert


“Every top tech CEO we analyzed is an Ambivert,” says pLookup.com creator Yen Lee. Ambiverts represent the middle ground between extroverts and introverts, they seek satisfaction both internally and from the outside world. Lee continued, “This did not surprise our team. The intelligence, dedication, foresight, and focus required to lead a multi-billion-dollar company takes a particular type of person.”

Additional insights pointed out that while most of the CEOs profiled possessed strong systematic and analytical traits, only a minority of the group would be described as enthusiastic, outgoing, and sociable.  

Does your CEO have the personality required to take your company to the top of the Fortune 500?  Do you? Access the personality profiles of top tech CEOs, celebrities, athletes, friends, neighbors, and more at pLookup.com.

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